Break Into a Growth Business with Cannabis Grow Pods

As more and more states work to legalize marijuana for private and medicinal use, the demand for cannabis cultivation facilities is on the rise. Instead of trying to construct a dedicated cultivation area in addition to organizing a new business from scratch, Linked Equipment has the perfect solution to get you growing as soon as possible.

On the Road to Profit

Cannabis grown for both private and medicinal use is literally a growth industry. For those looking to get in on the action, it’s much easier to organize a business with the foundation in place than it is to start working from the ground up.

Acquiring cannabis grow pods gives you all of the necessary tools to begin production at your convenience. By having any building projects taken care of right away, you can focus on developing a focused business plan that will get you into the market much more quickly.

Growing to Go

Traditionally, in order to begin your own operation, you’d need to invest time, money and resources into creating your own facility. A better alternative is to let someone else handle the nuts and bolts of designing and building your facility. With Linked Equipment’s cannabis grow pods, you’ve got everything you need for immediate production, including:

• HVAC units

• Electrical service

• De-humidification appliances

• CO2 supply

• Plumbing fixtures

• Lighting

These portable units contain all of the equipment necessary to start your own operation, relieving you of the headaches that come with any major construction project. This lets you start generating revenue immediately since all of the basic components to business are already in place.

If you’re looking to break into the marijuana cultivation industry, get a head start by purchasing cannabis grow pods. These all-in-one, ready-made facilities will have you situated to begin production as soon as possible, getting you that much closer to reaping the benefits of a rapidly expanding industry today!


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Working with Linked Equipment has been amazing! They are extremely knowledgable about the industry, quick at responding to any of our questions and helped find the perfect solution we needed for our business!


Working with Linked Equipment has been great. They understand the goals we are trying to accomplish and deliver every time. Their quality of work is great and will continue to utilize them in the future. They come highly recommended!

Alexi Jackson, Community Services Director, City of Deming, New Mexico

It has been painless and great dealing with you. Three of my projects budgeted this FY will require restrooms. You will here from me once I have received an executed grant agreement and funds for both. Thanks again!