Modular solutions for industrial hemp extraction.

Collaboration between Linked Equipment and Capna Systems has resulted in a complete, affordable, modular solution for industrial hemp extraction. Partnering our effective intermodular steel modules with Capna’s Automated Large Ethanol Systems (ATLES) offers a turnkey lab able to process up to 3,000 lbs. of biomass within a 10-hour shift. You get everything you need to facilitate your operations inside a 1,500 square foot structure.

Industrial Hemp Extraction Facilities

Capna Systems and Linked Equipment modules are designed to suit your specific needs and provide the versatility to grow with your company. Should your capacity requirements overtake your operation, expansion is easy, affordable, and accomplished by adding components from preexisting Capna Extraction Platforms, including premier Atles and Ares systems. A “design-for-scalability” operational philosophy caters to the scale of your specific extraction process.

Mobile Hemp Extraction, Hemp Extraction Lab & Hemp Traction Solution

Committed to producing the safest and most technologically advanced hemp extraction labs, Linked Equipment professionally engineers and builds finished steel C1D2 and C1D1 laboratories. Our modules are designed to integrate, supporting the success of your company with the addition of modules as needed. Teaming up with Capna, Linked Equipment produces modular containers to house fully functional extraction facilities, effectively taking you down to distillate or isolate, depending on your end product. We can even include a room for THC remediation.

We’re Experts in the Hemp Industry and Can Build to Suit your Needs!

Our modular, prefab units get you operational much quicker than with a traditional build. Including space to introduce additional elements to the module allows room to grow and increase output. Simply add more ATLES and ARES components. There’s no need to immediately purchase more modules to house them. Our foresight supports your goals. Contact Linked Equipment at (602) 833-4448 to discuss your plans, get a free quote, and take advantage of our innovation and expertise.

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