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By Linked Equipment | May 29, 2019

Arizona Supreme Court Rules Medical marijuana extracts are legal

Phoenix Arizona, May 29, 2019 ( – The long debate over whether medical marijuana extracts are legal in Arizona is over, after a ruling by the state Supreme Court. Extracts fall under the Arizona Medical Marijuana Act and are therefore legal.

Linked Equipment, based in Arizona applauds the decision by the court and looks forward to new regulations that will make manufacturing of these extracts safer. Mark Pike, Linked Equipments President said “We have been designing and building Compliant Labs in many states since 2014. This ruling should have manufacturing Companies coming to us for help in designing and building compliant laboratories for marijuana extracts here in Arizona.”

The extraction market here in Arizona has been flying under the radar because it has not been clear that extracts were even legal and now with this ruling, there should be additional scrutiny coming on the manufacturing process. “The extraction process involves using volatile gases and chemicals and if your lab is not compliant with proper sensors and emergency procedures in place to use these materials, chances of an explosion increase.” Said, Mark Pike.

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