Marijuana Extraction Labs for any Size of Business

By Linked Equipment | April 10, 2019

With the market for cannabis products continually growing, so are the opportunities for new businesses to begin and existing ones to expand. However, even if you are sure that your business will be successful, you’re still faced with the investment costs that must come before they new income streams are developed. This is where portable turnkey marijuana extraction labs come into play.

Easily Portable

One of the concerns when investing in a business is what happens if you need to move. The last thing you want to do is spend money on an extraction lab that you can’t easily take with you. Labs that are built out in shipping containers are easily taken from one place to another. You never have to worry about building out a facility to your specifications only to have to dismantle it or sell it.

Invest in Only What You Need

Another concern is having to invest in a larger set-up before you are ready. Turnkey custom built  extraction labs allow you to get just the size lab you need when you need it. And it’s easy to add another one when you’re ready to expand. Once you’ve settled on your requirements in terms of size, layout, and process, the container arrives ready to be put into use. You can even access the system when you’re off-site.

Built to Code

As with any regulated business, there are specifications that need to be followed. Containers can be built to follow the code for the regulations in your area. They include systems for gas detection, emergency situations, ventilation and much more. The labs come engineered for your specific needs, such as use of butane, alcohol, hexane, CO2, and mixed solvents.

When you’re ready to invest in marijuana extraction labs, whether for a start-up of a new venture or expansion of an existing one, be sure to check into portable shipping container labs and see if they’re right for your needs. No matter the size of your production needs, they can be designed to give you the set up you need. And these you can take with you.