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Popular Methods of Cannabis Oil Extraction

Posted October 1, 2019 by Linked Equipment

Cannabis oil extraction is becoming a lucrative business option. Some of the most effective methods of oil extraction include solvent-free extraction, alcohol extraction, butane extraction and CO2 extraction. Each produces a slightly different chemical composition in the resulting oil and has varying cost and time constraints. Solvent-Free Extraction Cannabis oil extraction need not involve highly…

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Create the Perfect Custom Commercial Kitchen in a Converted Shipping Container

Posted September 24, 2019 by Linked Equipment

A converted shipping container is a quick and effective way to add a kitchen either as a stand-alone structure or as an addition to another building. Shipping containers have become a popular choice for remodeling enthusiasts and savvy business owners. These structures have many advantages, including being relatively inexpensive, transportable, durable, compact and eco-friendly. Will…

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5 Benefits of an ISBU Cannabis Extraction Lab

Posted September 3, 2019 by Linked Equipment

Getting your product in the market can be a daunting process. Don’t let the worries of construction limitations hold you back. Intermodular Steel Building Units (ISBU) are specifically designed for the cannabis industry and can help provide ease in the following five ways. 1. Specialist Manufactured Everyone from farmers and chefs to engineers and extraction…

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3 Ways a Cannabis Grow Pod Makes Startup Easier

Posted August 21, 2019 by Linked Equipment

It’s nearly impossible to find cannabis containers that are fully equipped while also being easy to set up and maintain. That’s where grow pods come in. Not only do they include HVAC, CO2, electric, lights, de-humidifiers, and plumbing, but their compact design makes it easy to get them up and running. The following three features…

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