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Affordable permanent homes are desperately needed throughout the world but are not easy to come by with traditional home options. Many state and city governments are well aware of their growing homeless population and the potential problems that arise as a result. They desire to find a solution yet are often met with two common obstacles: cost and space.

Government officials are used to coming up against red tape but, without a viable solution to the problem, their chances of success are slim. At Linked Equipment, we are proud and excited to offer clients and communities are solutions that address the issues of cost and space simply and sustainably: converted shipping containers.

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Modular Shipping Container Homes

Shipping containers are converted into fully-functional, aesthetically-pleasing, affordable permanent homes. While it may be hard to envision a shipping container as a warm and lovely home, it is very much possible. At Linked Equipment, we provide clients with a completely turnkey custom home solution. There are tremendous customization possibilities in terms of both aesthetics and configuration. Customers can choose how many rooms they would like, the types of finishes they prefer, paint colors, and much more! Because our converted shipping container homes are able to offer so much customizability, governments can choose the level and depth of finishes they desire as well as how they would like to configure their communities around the unique capabilities of shipping containers.

Modular Shipping Container Homes & Modular Affordable Homes

Converted shipping containers are affordable permanent home solutions that are an ideal sustainable way for governments to address growing homeless communities. Because our shipping containers are self-contained and virtually indestructible, they truly meet the needs of the government in terms of cost-efficiency and safety. Converted shipping containers are truly affordable permanent home solutions because they are not just a place to stay but a fully-functional home and can include shipping container homes, showers, restrooms, counseling rooms, office spaces, and much more!

Getting Started
There are a few things you will need to do before we can begin building your home.

You will need you to find out what your county will allow you build on your property.  Some counties are less regulated than others.

  1. Make sure you have property to place the unit on and there is space for it (including setbacks or other county regulations.
  2. Make sure the city or county is ok with the type of building you are considering (container build).    
    a. Call the county with your plot number and ask what you are allowed to build there.
    b. Size? Type? Any limitations? We can add cladding or other external features if needed to meet local ordinances.
  3. You may need a civil engineer and maybe an architect (depending on your city or county) to ensure your property meets local requirements.
  4. Have an idea of what your floor plan might look like when you call.  Do you need more bedrooms?  Storage?  Need an office?
  5. a. Insure that you have water, sewer, electric on the property.
  6. Make sure there is funding available for the project (homeowners can often take out a second mortgage for this type of construction).

Once these things addressed, we can help with the design of the building.  Once the drawing has been approved by you and the county, we can provide a detailed proposal.

Note:     As a rule of thumb, you make sure the property is readied and approved for the building. Linked Equipment will make sure the building plans are approved, it is built to code, is delivered, and installed.

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