Modular Security Vaults

When building a new facility, vaults are becoming more and more popular.

As your modular security vault specialists, Linked Equipment provides peace of mind. Established in 2012, we continue to build upon a decade of proven experience and have spent the last five years focusing on designing, engineering, and manufacturing the safest and most technologically advanced facilities on the market.

Modular Security Vault Builds

Our ISBU’s (Intermodular Steel Building Units) are cost-effective, durable, secure, and long-lasting. We’re able to create completely customizable and modular solutions quickly and according to your specifications.

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Linked Equipment has emerged as a trusted source for vaults and security facilities, tailored to the needs that are unique and essential to your facility. Serving a wide variety of applications, from monetary purposes, equipment, products, and more, our vaults are entirely secure and feature steel walls and ceilings, a thick steel door with a lock, and with the weight inside.

Our Team is Knowledgeable and Equipped to Build Vault & Security Facilities for Your Business!

Our structures are just about indestructible and nearly impossible to move or enter. We further offer security systems installed inside the vault to allow monitoring of your valuables. Linked Equipment protects your success with modular security vaults and dedicated customer service.

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