We provide completely customizable shipping container storage solutions.

For storage and commercial applications, Linked Equipment provides the ideal unit to suit your specific needs. We are committed to creating the safest, most technologically evolved facilities on the market.

Innovative Storage Facilities

Offering 10’, 20’, 40’, 45’, and 53’ storage containers that can be fitted together in a modular fashion, we accommodate virtually any specifications and provide future-proof solutions. Cost-effective, durable, and long-lasting, these innovative options are watertight and weatherproof.
Storage units from Linked Equipment easily adapt, expand, and even conveniently relocate with your changing business or personal needs. We also minimize turnaround with much swifter construction than traditional brick and mortar structures.

Get a Custom-Built Storage Facility for Your Business!

Simply give us a call at 602-314-6020 to discuss your plans and we’ll help you realize your goals. With service across the country, Linked Equipment tailors design and features for an end result that perfectly suits, including windows, roll up doors, closet space, separate rooms, security doors, keyless entry temperature control, and more.

Watertight, Weatherproof & Configurable – Maximum Storage Versatility

Our durable containers are your go-to, customizable storage solution for business or home use, temporary or permanent. We custom-design, build, and deliver secure, long-term, or short-term storage units directly to your site.

Much faster and less expensive than traditional brick and mortar storage – custom container storage solutions also save you the time and expense of acquiring local building permits.

  • Each container is 8’ wide and 8’ high. Choose the right length for your job from a selection of 10’, 20’, 40’, 45’, and 53’ models.
  • Our extremely tough steel containers can be combined or configured to whatever size you need. You can even add customized units as your needs change.
  • We tailor your container design and construction to meet your critical electrical and climate control requirements. Insulation, HVAC, humidity control – we can manage it all.
  • We configure your storage project to your exact specifications – windows, roll-up doors, separate internal rooms, venting, pass-through counters, and more. If you can imagine it, we can build it!
  • All our containers are watertight and weatherproof. You get 100-percent storage peace of mind in any location or climate.

We’re your dependable partner in safeguarding your valuable business and personal assets from weather, water, and extreme temperatures with tough, reliable, customized Linked Equipment storage containers.

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