Homeless Shelters

Swift, Secure, and Affordable Shelters and Living Space

For the specific purpose of providing a swift, secure, and affordable shelter, Linked Equipment has formed an effective partnership with leading North American manufacturers. We bring together a diversity of expertise to create an effective deployment of Community Response Facilities (CRF) customized to fulfill each community’s specific needs. Our team includes RPM, Sprung, Linked, Element, and EbTech, representing unmatched quality and value of turnkey options.

Residential Shipping Container Solutions

Offering extensive and effective housing opportunities, Linked Equipment works with homeless shelters, supplies emergency refuge during weather extremes, and provides isolated living spaces for COVID-19 patients. We’re able to deliver temporary or permanent structures to any rural area, right where and when they do the most good. Whether left on the trailer or dropped, prefabricated structures eliminate delays, minimize the investment, and ensure sustainability, durability, and versatility.

Modular Shipping Container Design for Residential Needs

Linked Equipment offers the ideal solution for an economical home. Fully-functional, entirely customizable, and virtually indestructible, repurposed shipping containers meet or exceed industry standards for safety. Stack them, connect them, fully integrate them to easily accommodate shipping container homes, showers, restrooms, storage, private entrances, and more. Take advantage of automated heating, cooling, ventilation, plumbing, and electrical systems. Tailor rooms to a unique configuration. The possibilities are nearly limitless. Simply get in touch with Linked Equipment at 602-314-6020 to achieve your goals.

Modular Shipping Container Homes & Modular Housing Solutions

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