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Shipping container office specialists completely customizable for your business.

Continuing 12 years of proven proficiency and quality of the product, Linked Equipment takes pride in ingenuity and innovations. We provide our clients with exceptional versatility, creating an end result that not only meets the specifications of your operations but promotes greater productivity, efficiency, comfort, and security.

Modular Office Construction for Businesses

Our modular office building solutions are completed to quick turnaround and arrive ready for you to set up shop. From offices and fireproof offices to larger office suites, we cover any and all needs. Combining cost savings and functionality, our modular containers easily expand, change, and even move with the evolution of your business. Retrofitting options accommodate nearly any office size and application, with the possibility of linked office spaces with connecting rooms, private spaces, and bathroom facilities.

Need Office Space for Your Business? Look No Further than Linked Equipment!

Our office space containers are watertight, weatherproof, secure, and represent your integrity with modern aesthetics and options such as wooden floors, painted walls, air conditioning, insulation, keyless locks, and more. Give us a call at 602-314-6020 for a free quote. Linked Equipment looks forward to working with you, answering your questions, and resolving challenges to your satisfaction.

Mobile Office Solutions, Modular Storefront Solutions & Modular Offices

Custom offices to suit your needs and style

Public-facing functions such as ticketing counters or booth sales don’t have to be an ongoing and expensive setup and strike operation. We build and deliver customized offices and customer service facilities that are time and cost-effective.

  • Your custom office suites can be segmented to create multiple offices or include conference rooms and display areas
  • We can build in restrooms and break rooms with kitchen facilities
  • By combining containers, you will have offices and work areas for as many employees as necessary
  • Expanding your business is much simpler with Linked Equipment modular container units, configured to your specifications
  • We create complete facilities with windows, climate control, floor coverings, wall treatments, insulation, weatherproofing, exterior design, and security doors.
  • Custom design means you get the precise space and configuration you require – not more, not less
  • With affordable, expandable, customized business space, you will never build or lease brick-and-mortar offices again.

We are proud to offer unique, versatile workspaces custom designed, built, and delivered – at a fraction of the cost of traditional business spaces. Check out the efficient, affordable examples below.

Modular Offices, Modular Storefront Construction & Modular Storefront Solutions

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Modular Storefront Construction, Modular Storefront Solutions & Modular Office Construction

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