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We are dedicated to engineering, designing, and manufacturing dynamic Inter-modular Steel Building Units (ISBU’s).

About Linked Equipment

Linked Equipment got its start by building plug-and-play shipping container solutions for the Fort Bliss military base in El Paso, Texas. The company quickly discovered a vast market for custom intermodular steel building units (ISBUs), fitted out as kitchens, laboratories, office space, container homes, showers, restrooms, and other vital infrastructure.

Today, Linked Equipment’s team of dedicated engineers and craftsmen bring deep knowledge of multiple industries to their builds. Whether you need a shipping container kitchen complete with the equipment using vendors of your choice, or an off-grid laundry, restroom, or shower unit, Linked Equipment can deliver.

Nothing is “off-the-shelf.” Every detail is analyzed, from flooring to environmental factors, to ensure clients are 100% satisfied with their buildings.

Custom made for your industry

The Linked Equipment custom shipping container buildings include kitchens, storage, living quarters, explosion-proofed extraction labs, vaults, refrigeration units, office space, store fronts, medical facilities, and so much more. These modular accommodations serve industries and verticals like agriculture, food service, manufacturing, oil and gas, military, government, and dozens of other applications.

When a client comes up against a problem, Linked Equipment is there with solutions. Our designers gather exact specifications, including floor plans and top-tier fixtures and accessories. Then they work with our craftsmen to design, install, test, permit, and deliver, for on-pad use, on a trailer, on the grid or off, with or without HVAC, and even with self-contained water tanks and solar power systems.

Deep industry knowledge

Linked Equipment’s strength comes from engineering excellence, tempered by experience. Steep learning curves and complex builds have created a robust comfort level after building over 50 extraction labs. The company partners with a specialized engineering firm for perfection in every build. Working with industrial-grade materials and equipment ensures commercial-grade facilities.

Today, we build shipping container homes, storage for unstable and biological materials, and expandable/collapsible containers. Examples of unique builds include:

  • Hemp extraction labs
  • Off-grid, solar-powered restrooms for a ghost town in Arizona
  • Contained restroom for a mining company
  • Restrooms and showers delivered to oil fields and barges
  • Kitchens, coffee shops, and beer gardens in DC, Las Vegas, and California beach communities

Linked Equipment is excited to be your on-site facility partner.




Mark Pike has a long and successful history in starting new businesses and growing them into large entities. Mark started his career in 1979 operating a leasing and charter bus company in Los Angeles, California. In 1986, Mark moved to Phoenix and started his own charter bus company, which he operated for over 10 years and grew to over 200 employees. After the bus company, Mark started looking into the shipping container business and in 2012 started Linked Equipment. Mark truly believes this business will grow faster and larger than his last business. In his free time, Mark enjoys boating and hiking with his fiancée, Amy.



Michael Calleros has spent his entire life in the construction industry. He is a Master Plumber with over 27 years of experience, as well as 10 years of experience as an Electrician. Michael has an eye for detail and makes sure our buildings are manufactured to code and ready to deliver. Mr. Calleros has been with the Linked Equipment for the past 4 years and is an integral part of the company’s growth in that time. In his spare time, Michael loves to getaway to the mountains and go camping with the family.

Brandon Tomkins

Corporate Financial Controller

Experienced small business management consultant with a demonstrated history of working in the accounting industry. Skilled in Microsoft Excel, Customer Service, Accounting, Teamwork, and Ticketing. Strong operations professional with a Bachelor of Science (BS) focused in Accounting from Portland State University.

Dania Treviso

Human Resources

Wilfredo Gonzalez

Drafting & Design Coordinator

Henry Morales

Parts/Material Specialist

Eleno Molina

Lead Framer

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