Create the Perfect Custom Commercial Kitchen in a Converted Shipping Container

A converted shipping container is a quick and effective way to add a kitchen either as a stand-alone structure or as an addition to another building. Shipping containers have become a popular choice for remodeling enthusiasts and savvy business owners. These structures have many advantages, including being relatively inexpensive, transportable, durable, compact and eco-friendly.

Will a Converted Shipping Container Work?

A repurposed shipping container might be a little unorthodox, but the advantages are pretty clear. With some simple customization, it can suit a number of needs.

  • Quick additions to existing spaces
  • Seasonal structures including harvesting and tourist sites
  • Alternative kitchen spaces for specialized production
  • Upgraded locations to counter changing building codes

With careful design, a shipping container kitchen can fit in just about anywhere.

How to design the perfect space

Container sizes vary, but the average is 8 feet wide and between 10 and 30 feet long. Before purchasing a container, sketch out a design that will make it easy to work inside the space. Some important things to include are any specialized equipment, service windows and optional security measures. Talk with a specialist to ensure your dreams and practical ideas can fit easily into the allotted space.

Making the Most out of a Container Kitchen

Shipping containers are sized just right for a variety of uses. They can be added on to existing structures with the quick installation of a doorway, or they can function as stand-alone facilities. Since it doesn’t have a permanent foundation, it can easily be winterized or transported to a different location during off seasons. With your own custom design, these versatile kitchens can have just what you need to improve your business.

Whether you’re starting a new venture, or you’ve been needing to upgrade for a while, a container kitchen has all the specs you need. Keep your kitchens safe and your customers happy with the high efficiency of a repurposed shipping container kitchen.

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Create the Perfect Custom Commercial Kitchen in a Converted Shipping Container


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Alexi Jackson, Community Services Director, City of Deming, New Mexico

It has been painless and great dealing with you. Three of my projects budgeted this FY will require restrooms. You will here from me once I have received an executed grant agreement and funds for both. Thanks again!


Working with Linked Equipment has been great. They understand the goals we are trying to accomplish and deliver every time. Their quality of work is great and will continue to utilize them in the future. They come highly recommended!


Working with Linked Equipment has been amazing! They are extremely knowledgable about the industry, quick at responding to any of our questions and helped find the perfect solution we needed for our business!