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Affordable, safe and comfortable housing for elderly relatives can present a challenge. Although you may want to keep family members close by, your home might not accommodate an extra person or two. Independent seniors often prefer the privacy of their own space. Granny units from Linked Equipment provide the ideal answer. We utilize shipping containers to create customized housing.

Linked Equipment Turns Shipping Containers to Tiny Homes

Our self-contained shipping container homes can be tailored to suit specific needs, preferences and budget. With quick turnaround time, we ship nationwide, providing a turnkey living space. You pay less to get more and the options are nearly limitless. Decide the configuration of rooms, square footage and paint colors that work for you. Add windows and closets. Design the kitchen and bathroom. Take advantage of the heating and cooling efficiency of a durable, tightly sealed and weatherproof shipping container.

The professionals from Linked Equipment guide you through every step of the process to construct a fully-functional living space that not only meets daily needs but also offers convenience, enjoyment and comfort. Our modular housing solutions are the ideal granny flat, eliminating the headaches, expense and delays of traditional construction. Reach out to us to discuss affordable tiny homes for your loved one today. When we get done, you won’t recognize the results as a shipping container.

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