Three Uses for Shipping Containers After a Disaster -- One Will Shock You!

Modular Disaster Relief Facilities Made From Shipping Containers

When a natural disaster strikes, it can leave behind tremendous damage and devastation in its wake. In order to tend to the residents of the affected area, organized and structured response is essential, and that includes using the best possible materials for the job. One of the most versatile and reliable items during disaster relief is a simple shipping crate, and you may be surprised to learn some of the ways they help those in need.

Shipping and Storing Materials

The most apparent use that shipping containers play in disaster relief is in helping to transport materials. Often a national or even international response is required in the wake of a disaster, and that means transporting emergency relief supplies from around the globe to the location of the disaster, and shipping crates are a crucial part of the process.

Refrigerating Cold Items

Refrigerated storage containers have all the same benefits of regular crates with the added ability to safely house perishables or other items that need to be kept cool. This can be an absolutely critical function during disaster relief that plays a big part in helping to provide the care that residents need.


When you look at a shipping crate, your first thought may not be that it would be a perfect place to make a home, but shipping container homes are actually a popular and trendy design aesthetic. This can be particularly useful during disaster relief, as the containers can be used to quickly and effectively provide short term housing for those whose homes were damaged during the disaster.

Although a shipping container may not be the most readily apparent tool when you think about providing aid following a natural disaster, they play an absolutely critical role in helping to restore communities that have been damaged. From providing the supplies needed, to keeping them cool to putting roofs over heads, shipping containers are essential.

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