4 Things You Didn't Know Portable Office Spaces Could Be Used For

Modular Shipping Container Uses

Most of the time, when someone thinks about a portable office they have the image of a bulky, ugly storage container. Portable office spaces can be so much more! They can actually be built to your specifications and can include many things you may not have thought of. Here are four ways portable office spaces can be used that you probably hadn’t thought of.

1. They Can Be Kitchens

Portable storage containers can actually be amazing kitchen spaces, with all the details taken care of. If you want to start a small food-truck-style restaurant, this is a perfect solution. They can be made to utilize either gas or electricity for cooking. They are also built to code, so you don’t have to worry about the hassle of trying to get an actual truck to meet commercial standards.

2. They Can Be Freezers

If you just need freezer space instead of a whole kitchen, portable office buildings can help you here as well! When converted into freezers, these containers are built with freezer and spill alarms, as well as explosion-proof fittings. Whether you are storing alcohol or any other product that needs to be kept cold, this is a great option.

3. They Can Be Showers

Another use that may not have crossed your mind is showers. Containers can actually serve as a shower, bathroom, or laundry station. “Plug-and-play” capability means that plumbing and electricity won’t be a big hassle to hook up and you can have showers running immediately upon arrival.

4. They Can Be Vaults

Though not every business may need a vault the size of a shipping container, often businesses have large equipment or products that are extremely valuable. Special containers can be made totally secure so that items can be stored with peace of mind. Made with steel walls and ceilings, these vaults are almost impossible to break into.

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