COVID-19 Facilities

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Evolving health concerns have led to a swift progression of challenges and demands. Linked Equipment responds with specialized COVID-19 facilities. Our modules are originally constructed as shipping containers, ensuring exceptional durability and security. They are easy to expand or scale down as goals change, and we deliver to any rural location. The units can be dropped on a pad or left on the trailer, are fully operational within a matter of hours, and are able to be easily relocated.

Modular COVID-19 Testing Facilities & Mobile COVID-19 Testing Solutions

Mobile COVID-19 Testing and Isolation Facilities

Our staff of knowledgeable technical engineers consults with industry experts to design and create safe, efficient, and comfortable turn-key mobile testing and isolation facilities. Making the absolute best use of metric feet, our containers can be stacked, interconnected, and fully integrated with one another. We’re able to create isolated patient living spaces with private entrances, beds, restroom storage, and fully automated ventilation, plumbing, electrical, heating, and cooling systems.

Convenient & Secure Modular Testing Solutions

Mobile, industrial-strength testing/sample collection facilities provide an isolated space with medical-grade refrigeration equipment for samples and freezers for those samples that are unable to go out the same day. Our plug-and-play containers are part of a complete facility product line, representing mobile offices, hazmat storage, mobile isolation wards, distribution centers, living quarters, restrooms, storage rooms, freezers, and more. Linked Equipment encourages you to contact us at 602-314-6020 to learn about the many options and expedient turnaround.

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Mobile COVID-19 Testing Solutions, Mobile COVID-19 Isolation & Mobile COVID-19 Testing

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