5 Benefits of an ISBU Cannabis Extraction Lab

By Linked Equipment | September 3, 2019

Getting your product in the market can be a daunting process. Don’t let the worries of construction limitations hold you back. Intermodular Steel Building Units (ISBU) are specifically designed for the cannabis industry and can help provide ease in the following five ways.

1. Specialist Manufactured

Everyone from farmers and chefs to engineers and extraction experts are involved in the creation of the ISBU. This diverse scope of individuals ensures that the units are contrived of the most advanced and safest technologies, even undergoing peer review to guarantee mechanical, fire, structural, and electrical standards are met.

2. Fully Loaded

These units are designed with a connected emergency and electrical system, incorporating gas detection systems, airing structures for dilution and extraction fan systems, and ignition source controls. The ISBU are professionally made for CO2, hexane, alcohol, butane, and mixed solvents.

3. Spatially Sound

The shape and material of the ISBU allows you to take the most advantage of space, stacking containers if you’re able to, or choosing to instead integrate them horizontally. Custom blueprints can be made for you to assure that your business is using its area in the best way.

4. Made for Your Needs

Depending on your business’s layout, storage space, electrical requirements, and extraction lab abilities, the ISBU can be customized to make sure that you are getting the most efficient use out of them. The automation system addition allows you to access the storage unit or office space offsite.

5. Lessen Market Limits

With the ISBU, barriers in terms of construction are almost entirely eliminated. The compact design and straightforward function of the units gives your business the chance to get into the market quicker, potentially generating revenue from the get-go.

A Modest Unit for Results

By simplifying the design of your cannabis extraction lab, you are giving more time to develop a successful and everlasting marketing strategy. On top of that, you won’t be sacrificing function or safety, allowing you to be less stressed and more motivated all-around.