The story of us

Linked Equipment, formerly Converted Containers, is dedicated to engineering, designing and manufacturing dynamic Intermodular Steel Building Units (ISBU’s). These units are commonly called shipping containers or Conex boxes. Shipping containers are extremely strong and durable with an indefinite lifespan. Our structures are designed and engineered to meet city and state building codes, as well as conform to current IBCC (international building code) standards.

Some years ago, the company was asked to build an extraction lab for the cannabis industry, this building was successfully built and delivered. What is more important is that this building started a whole new division of the company, today Linked Equipment has become one of the leaders in engineered labs that meet the needs of the fast-growing industry of cannabis.
Linked equipment
Linked Equipment, also known as Converted Containers, is dedicated to Designing, Engineering and Manufacturing dynamic Intermodular Steel Building Units (ISBU’s).

Our company started 10 years ago in the manufacture of buildings made from Shipping Containers. We manufactured these buildings for a wide variety of industries from Government/Military to Private companies. The buildings we manufactured ranged from Storage Facilities to Offices, to Restrooms and many others.

As we gained a reputation for delivering quality buildings at an affordable price our business grew. We were introduced to the Marijuana industry two years ago when a customer asked us to build them a laboratory for extraction, that project turned into a major facility designed entirely of containers.

The marijuana industry has unique problems and opportunities when building out a project. Linked Equipment saw a major opportunity in supplying this fast growth emerging industry with the buildings needed for expansion. We have developed a team of experts that know the industry inside and out. We know how to supply state of the art compliant buildings to the Cannabis industry.

If you are looking for Facility design, C1D1 Extraction buildings, Grow Pods, Vaults, Clean rooms or Kitchens, call us today to see how our team can help with your project.


Mark Pike has a long and successful history in starting new businesses and growing them into large entities. Mark started his career in 1979 operating a leasing and charter bus company Los Angles California. In 1986 Mark moved to Phoenix and started his own charter bus company, he operated that company for over 10 years and grew the business to over 200 employees. After the Bus Company Mark started looking into the shipping container business and in 2012 started Linked Equipment. Mark truly believes this business will grow faster and larger than his last business. Mark enjoys boating and hiking with his Fiancee’ Amy.


Michael Calleros has spent his entire life in the construction industry, he is a master Plumber with over 27 years’ experience as well as 10 years as an Electrician. Michael has an eye for detail and makes sure our buildings are manufactured to code and ready to deliver. Mr. Calleros has been with the Linked Equipment for the past 4 years and is an integral part of the Company’s growth in that time. In his spare time Michael loves to get away to the mountains and go camping with the family.


Karl has a wide and varied background well suited to the various needs of individual and business clients. Mr. Foust has been an entrepreneur for all his life and has successfully started and sold several businesses across a variety of industries. Karl Graduated from Rochester Institute of Technology with a bachelor’s in business administration. Karl has relocated to Arizona to join Linked Equipment and help grow the business.

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• Industrial engineers • Customer service/sales support representatives • Mechanics • Electricians
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