Create the Perfect Kitchen With Modular Shipping Containers

Benefits of a Shipping Container Kitchen

The hemp industry is growing at a blistering pace, which means the demand for products has never been higher. If you’re thinking about running a growing operation to supply products to your local dispensaries, you can diversify your offerings by thinking beyond plants. Aside from smoking, today’s hemp consumers are also using edibles, tinctures and other methods to receive hemp’s medicinal and recreational benefits. To add these goods to your portfolio of offerings, you’ll need a commercial-grade kitchen to produce them in sufficient quantities, but what’s the best way to add a cooking facility? Here are some advantages to using a href=”/shipping-containers/modular-kitchens/”>modular shipping containers to build your kitchen.

Speed to Market

Building a commercial kitchen is a complicated process with layers of inspections to ensure compliance with local regulations. Instead of undertaking this endeavor one step at a time, a modular shipping container gets it all done at once. With a code-compliant facility ready to go, you’ll be able to bring your products to market much faster than your competition.

Self-Containment and Portability

Hemp growers produce valuable crops, which is why many of them choose to set up shop in remote areas. While isolation can provide a degree of security, it also comes without modern amenities such as utility hookups. A shipping container kitchen offers a true plug-and-play experience that can be easily added to your current facility. If zoning regulations or other conditions change, you can also easily unplug your container and move it to a new location.

A Better Way To Cook

If your hemp operation isn’t also producing tinctures, butters and edibles, you could be leaving a lot of money on the table, so why not outfit your facility with a shipping container kitchen? By incorporating one of these custom-built cooking areas into your business, you’ll be ready to deliver high-quality goods to market while your competitors are still filing for construction permits.

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Modular Kitchens, Modular Kitchen Solutions & Shipping Container Kitchens

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