Ditch the Porta Potties and Upgrade to a Better Restroom Solution

Mobile Restroom Solutions

Virtually everyone is familiar with the porta potties that are used for such events as concerts, state fairs, job sites, and more. They seem to get nasty almost immediately, yet they can’t be avoided when you need them. Now, there is a portable bathroom option that is far beyond the porta potty experience. These solutions use shipping containers to mimic the comfort and cleanliness of a standard bathroom but in a portable option that can be taken from one site to another as necessary.

Choose What to Include

In the case of a special event, toilets and sinks may be all that’s needed. But if you’re using them for locations such as job sites or campgrounds, they can also be built out with showers and lockers for workers or visitors. You can even hook up a washer and dryer if that’s something that’s needed.

Build to Your Specifications

The containers can be built out according to your specifications, and in the shape and size that you prefer. They can be partitioned however you like, and you can choose to have them for men only, women only, or either. The bathrooms come to you with all the plumbing built in and only need to be connected to an external plumbing source. They are also accessible by those with disabilities.

Versatile Uses

Portable restrooms like these can be helpful circumstances when you temporarily have more people than your regular restrooms can comfortably handle. They are also useful when setting up a new facility both for the workers doing the set up, as well as a way to avoid having to do an expensive restroom build out in a stationary structure.

Turn to Linked Equipment for mobile bathroom solutions for your next event

Whether you have fluctuating numbers of personnel, you want to put on a special event, or you have facilities without adequate restrooms, these shipping container bathrooms are a great way to add capabilities without having to leave them behind. This is one investment that you can take with you.


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