Linked Equipment and Capna - Scalability Through Modularity

An official collaboration was announced between Linked Equipment and Capna Systems on December 9th, 2019. This joint effort represents a fully turnkey Ethanol Extraction system designed to scale and yet capable of easy expansion. Linked Equipment’s intermodular steel portable modules and Capna’s Automated Large Ethanol System (ATLES) are the perfect partnership, offering customers a quicker and more affordable start-up. Using portable prefab units not only gets you operational in a fraction of the time of a build from scratch, but also minimizes footprint.

Linked Equipment provides the weatherproof, durable steel enclosures that are designed to work together in a modular system that accommodates growing needs. Capna Systems allow operators to add components from preexisting Capna Extraction Platforms for plug-and-play hardware, so that capacity never outpaces operation. In the words of Mark Pike, Founder/President of Linked Equipment, “This didn’t just happen. Providing scalable turnkey solutions for our customers was a business decision that both companies made early on. Providing customers, the best of both worlds (scalability and modularity) has to be part of your DNA. It takes planning and design experience that most providers today just do not have.”

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