Linked Equipment Announces Record First Half for Company's Cannabis Extraction Labs

If there was ever any doubt, Linked Equipment has proven the success of portable, custom-engineered extraction laboratories and grow pods designed specifically for the cannabis industry. Results for the first half of 2019 reveal a 300% year-over-year increase in contracts compared to 2018. Sales are predicted to increase by 100% by the end of the calendar year. In other words, Linked Equipment is doing a lot of things right. They’ve perfected the fully-customized builds of state-of-the-art labs that significantly trim start-up costs, get customers to production quicker, and allow for cost-effective and easy expansion.

While Linked Equipment began by shipping engineered prefab and modular laboratories to customers in California, Colorado, Florida, Kansas, Michigan, and Washington, they’re now reaching clients based overseas. As more states legalize the use of cannabis and cultivation of hemp, continued growth is a given. According to Linked Equipment Founder and President Mark Pike, “We offer unique products that resonate with customers across the country and internationally. We believe we are well-positioned to profit exponentially in the rapidly-developing, multi-billion dollar cannabis processing industry.”

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