Navigating Container Sizes and Logistics for Your Building Project

By Mark Pike - Owner of Linked Equipment

Shipping containers come in various dimensions, each offering unique advantages depending on the intended use. From standard 20′ and 40′ containers to high cube variations and larger sizes like 45′ and 53′, the options are diverse. However, it’s essential to consider factors such as availability and transportation logistics when selecting the size that best suits your needs.
Availability of containers varies across regions, with proximity to ports often influencing supply. Whether purchasing directly from leasing companies, cargo companies, or through brokers, understanding sourcing options can streamline the acquisition process.
Once you’ve secured your container, logistics become paramount. Transporting containers requires careful planning, especially considering their considerable weight. Whether using semi-trucks, hot shot trucks, or specialized trailers, ensuring proper equipment and permits are in place is essential.
For those venturing into larger container sizes like the 53′, additional challenges may arise, necessitating specific transportation solutions such as chassis trailers or step decks.
With your container in hand, the focus shifts to the modification phase. Regardless of the intended conversion, having a well-defined plan and detailed drawings can streamline the construction process, ensuring your project unfolds smoothly.
By navigating container sizes and logistics effectively, coupled with meticulous planning, you can embark on your building project with confidence, setting the stage for a successful outcome.

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