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It’s an exciting time to jump into the cannabis industry. As medical and recreational legalization spreads, there is strong demand for high-quality cannabis products. You may have some experience with home-based cannabis extraction, but those methods are too risky for the current market. Our modular cannabis extraction labs give you a safe and legal environment in which to refine your product and grow your business.

Safety First

Unregulated or home labs are accidents waiting to happen. Operating as an official business in a legal region requires the highest safety standards. Our team of experts designs and builds the laboratories to meet safety standards for fire, electrical wiring, structural stability, and mechanical functioning. All units include ventilation, interlocked emergency and electrical systems, and gas detection systems. You can run your cannabis business knowing you are using the safest laboratory setting available.

Up to Code

Keeping track of building and laboratory safety codes can be stressful, especially if you are trying to move or expand your business to a different state. Our engineers design facilities to comply with safety codes in multiple states, counties, and cities. You can feel confident that your new laboratory is compliant with local regulations.

Consumer Standards

When producing and selling cannabis products, consumer safety is paramount. Our modular laboratories are designed to use a wide range of extraction methods, like CO2, alcohol and butane, in the purest and safest ways possible. You will have the flexibility to produce superior products in the way that is best for your business and your clients.

Our professionally engineered and reviewed extraction labs allow you to run your cannabis extraction business with less worry and hassle. Feel confident that your facility operates with the highest safety standards and has state-of-the-art safety equipment. These premium labs can help you get your business off the ground and run it safely for years to come.

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