Portable Bathrooms Make Event Planning a Breeze

Benefits of a Shipping Container Bathrooms

There are innumerable types of events to host, but they all have one thing in common. They all need restrooms. Sometimes getting enough bathroom or shower space is tough based on location, and relying on location-based restrooms may leave your guests with too few options. Here are a few reasons why choosing shipping container portable bathrooms and showers are great ideas for your next big bash.

Relief From the Fun

Having a large restroom on-site is a great way to help make sure your guests have a good time. When considering if you should rent these units, keep these five things in mind.

1. Convenience: Some locations don’t have facilities available for large events or even smaller gatherings, and the ones they have may not be close by. The portability of shipping container bathrooms makes them perfect for any area, meaning they’re placed where you and your guests need them.

2. Room: The space available in a shipping container conversion means there are several stalls available for use, so no one has to wait to sit in a cramped smelly container to take care of business.

3. Cleanliness: Having a full sink to wash up is always nice, offering people the chance to really feel like they’ve gotten clean on their way back to the fun.

4. HVAC: Larger spaces mean more room for climate control, meaning your guests will be comfortable no matter what the weather.

5. Accessibility: When you’re hosting you want everyone to have a good time, and shipping container restrooms can be made ADA accessible so no one is left out.

Turning a shipping container into a bathroom & shower is easy with Linked Equipment

When you’re planning an event, look at the current restroom options at the venue. Whether at your home or a specialty location, chances are restroom facilities will feel inadequate. Portable bathrooms and showers let your guests feel comfortable without taxing extant facilities, letting you focus on creating a memorable experience instead of letting the toilet do it for you!

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