Boarding Customized and Crafted to Your Needs

When you work with Linked Equipment, we meet exact specifications. Floor plan requirements, specialized fixtures and everything from paint color to power outlets and solar power systems are customized to suit. We work with you to ensure the best decisions and achieve perfect results. Our designers, craftsmen and engineers handle everything, and we deliver nationwide.

Barracks Built with Efficiency

Our shipping container homes offer barracks that are ready to move into. There’s no construction delays and no worries over the sky-high price of building materials. We provide cost-effective military housing that is fully-functional, adaptable and movable. Use them as a standalone modular housing solution or combine multiple containers for multilevel residences.

Barracks from Linked Equipment are easy to modify and can be outfitted with kitchens, bathrooms, storage, HVAC and everything necessary to optimize comfort, efficiency and security. You don’t need to deal with multiple contractors. There are no challenges we can’t resolve. Take advantage of containers built to withstand inclement weather and place them right where you want them. We complete projects quickly and to 100% satisfaction.

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Shipping Container Homes, Affordable Tiny Homes & Military Housing

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