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Modular Garden Solutions for the Green Thumb

For the avid gardener, a dedicated space for cultivating, transplanting and pruning plants is essential. A garden shed offers more than storage of tools and gear. With proper design, the shed creates an efficient and comfortable work area. It’s an escape from every demand, a place to putter and helps to organize trowels, shears, spades, cuttings and plants. Design your perfect garden studio by reaching out to Linked Equipment.

Garden Studios From Shipping Containers

Specializing in modular housing solutions, we turn shipping containers into garden studios. Our team of professionals work with you to design a completely customized outcome. Whether you’re starting seeds, propagating, dividing, getting rid of clutter or looking for easy accessibility of your equipment, we cater to you. Choose the layout and size, add windows to let in light and fresh air, include a work table and enjoy the convenience of electricity, plumbing, heating and cooling.

Our shipping container homes and garden studios are a treasure trove for the imagination. Get creative. Personalize the space to meet your individual needs and sense of style. You’re going to be amazed at the potential as well as the price. Durable, weatherproof and secure shipping containers provide an affordable and turnkey solution. With quick turnaround and no messy construction, Linked Equipment delivers finished products nationwide.

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