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May 3rd, 2021
By: Anthony Galizia, Linked Equipment

Quality is Linked Equipment’s differentiator. We get calls frequently, and sometimes we lose jobs because we’re not the cheapest company on the block. We use better materials and we don’t skip steps when it comes to safety. For example, we use metal instead of wood, sheetrock, and texture instead of panels. When you walk into our buildings, it’s like walking into a regular office that you would use in any complex. Linked Equipment’s buildings are more durable and reliable than most buildings that use standard building materials, not to mention the price of lumbar has substantially increased. A lot of our competition is still stuck on the old-style barred HVAC systems where they are attached to the buildings, only blowing air through one area. We’ve made the move to a split system in which the blowers inside the buildings are all computerized. They have sensors that direct the hot or cold air to the parts of the room that need it rather than an HVAC system that blows the air out. Split systems are more efficient, they run better and have a longer life. They’re quieter and cool the building better. As Linked Equipment continues to innovate the building process through shipping containers and new technology, we can offer these higher quality products.

Shipping Container Solutions

  • Sub-floors with plumbing in them, are just like at your house. There’s no difference. We build sub-floors and put all the piping in there and insulate it before we cover it up.
  • Getting into plumbing, if you look at piping in packs, we like to use packs that are ideal for transporting the containers. It’s not rigid, and not as expensive as copper. These are the high-quality products we use in our buildings that other builders wouldn’t think of.
  • We won’t let your building fly away. Linked Equipment will anchor your building if need be. • Linked Equipment only uses industrial quality products and equipment. whether it be doors, steel studs, or tracking. Why risk using compromised wood with ridiculously high costs?
  • We reinforced everything. If we have anything that is wall hung whether it be a toilet, TV, or a sink. They are always reinforced. We go into the unit and use 2x4s to reinforce the steel studs that are packed there. It creates a lot of strength for whatever’s hanging on the walls.
  • We like to use tankless water heaters, obviously; space is of great importance with these containers So, without having a big 50 or 60-gallon water heater there, we hang them on the wall, and they don’t take up any room. You can utilize more space.
  • We use 5/8” sheetrock in fire-rated buildings.
  • If we build in a high moisture area, whether it be a shower or something along those lines, we might use the green board instead of sheetrock for mold. On top of that, we install an FRP which is a plastic sheet that goes on the sheetrock. This allows for easy cleaning. It can be used in hospitals, kitchens, restrooms, etc. A lot of effort is put into our industrial buildings but is totally worth doing because of durability, usability, and a better end product for our customers.
  • In every restroom we build we do it the same as any industrial restroom. We use metal or plastic stalls and urinal screens. Colors can be chosen by the client. So, the difference is not having the restroom you’d experience in a motorhome, rather you will have a restroom you’d experience in a commercial office complex.
  • We use a lot of fiberglass showers. They can be installed faster, plus they last a very long time. You are not going to get the durability or comfort
    from other prefab bathrooms. Linked Equipment has done a lot of them for the mining and military industries, and we include gym-like lockers!
  • The shower modules are designed to have a row of showers and a row of lockers with a couple of benches in-between. They are more durable and better made because they expect more traffic and use. Even if parts are a little more expensive taking this route, it is better for the new owner in the long run.
  • Industrial quality floors. We have static-free floors which work great for the cannabis industry. Industrial rubber floors have been great in kitchens, restrooms, etc.
  • LED lights
  • Industrial grade electrical panels
  • When we get into restrooms and showers, we put all ground-fault circuit interrupters (GFCI) through the building.

Modular Kitchens, Bathrooms and Shipping Container Homes

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