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Custom Built

Nothing is off-the-shelf with Linked Equipment’s ISBUs, built by teams of dedicated, industry-expert engineers and craftsmen. Your ISBU includes your choice of equipment and floor plan, installed and permitted in a workflow-friendly way.

Your Choice of Equipment

If you want a kitchen with UL rated Garland ranges, an on-site laundry stocked with Maytag units, or a conference room with an NBF meeting table and a smart glass window-wall, Linked Equipment can source it all and install it in a way that fits your budget and your workflow. It’s your equipment choice and our installation, design, and permitting expertise.

Speed to Market

Linked Equipment delivers modular facilities in custom industrial-strength ISBUs in days, not months. That helps you scale up or down when demand is hot, so you don’t miss out on revenue during busy times.

Serving Your Industry

Linked Equipment’s teams of industry-expert engineers, designers, and craftsmen build elegant, commercial-grade solutions for even the most hazardous and unique business applications. Source modular facilities for agriculture, oil and gas, military, government, food service, and a wealth of other industries.

Expense it Your Way

Put your office space, storefront, restroom, or storage unit on a pad and expense it as a permanent structure, or write it off in one year as Section 179 equipment. The tax timeline is up to you.

On or Off Grid

Let us prep your ISBU facility for connection to the grid, or spec it out for off-grid use. You can order yours with solar panels, solar battery systems, and removable water tanks so they’re completely self-contained.

  • Showers / Restrooms
  • Offices / Storefronts
  • Living Quarters
  • Agriculture
  • Extraction Labs
  • Kitchens
  • Storage
  • Military / Government
Permitted and Ready

Leave it all to Linked Equipment, from permitting to delivery and setup and even ongoing support. We’re your partner from day one.

Solo or Interlockable

Order a single ISBU or connect them to create a larger facility. Linked Equipment has installed everything from single restroom units to an entire farm worker city complete with kitchens, office space, living quarters, showers, restrooms, and even laundry units that pop up in a flash.

Portable to Permanent

Why choose? Linked Equipment can deliver a pad-ready ISBU facility straight to your property. Order yours ready to hook up to onsite plumbing and electrical, keep it on a trailer, or put it on-pad now and move it later as your needs evolve.

What We Do

With today’s tight real estate market and rising building costs, businesses, communities, and landowners need new options for on-site facilities. From office space to storefronts, restrooms, showers, kitchens, living quarters, and storage for on-site or backyard use, scalability depends on reliable buildings and equipment with blazing speed to market.

Linked Equipment delivers custom-built intermodular steel building units (ISBUs) that help propel businesses and communities forward. Whether you need solutions for campground, marina, military, first responder training, or government, Linked Equipment can help.

Work with our team to create the perfect accommodations, custom-designed to your exacting specs. Source pre-permitted, ready-to-use, industrial grade units that help you react swiftly to changing market forces. Get a free quote for your modular facility, or schedule an appointment with Linked Equipment’s team of designers.

Let Linked Equipment show you how easy scaling up or down can be.

Latest Case Study About Linked Equipment

Extraction Lab Construction

Linked Equipment fulfills the unique requirements of your operations with fully portable containers customized to size, quantity, layout, electrical demands, storage, extraction lab capabilities, and more.

Linked Equipment set about revolutionizing the application of ISBU’s (Intermodular Steel Building Units) over a decade ago. Just over five years ago, we entered the CBD/hemp industry. We recognized a need for something easier, better, and more effective. We saw the opportunity to improve and facilitate grow, extraction, and processing equipment. The results of our efforts have been nothing short of exceptional in terms of efficiency, safety, cost-savings, and start-up speed for our clients.

Just the ability to customize each space to your specific application is game-changing. We design, engineer, and manufacture ISBU’s according to exacting parameters. How about a fully sealed, self-contained grow pod? These versatile modules can be stacked, linked, and integrated. Our solutions are perfectly tailored to be your best solution. Just tell us what you need and we’ll make it happen.

The options are nearly limitless. Lights, heating, air conditioning, electric, plumbing, dehumidifiers, restrooms, emergency fans, alarms, weathertight, and waterproof–the list goes on. Don’t get overwhelmed. Our expertise and experience simplify the process. We not only offer free quotes, we help you determine your requirements and ensure the best fit to achieve your goals as quickly as possible. Our team listens, provides options, explains features, and recommends the right design and equipment for you.

We like partnering with small to medium sized companies, company owners, CEO’s, CFO’s, facility and operation managers, and those with a vision for success. We encourage you to get in touch and discuss your plans. Get started with a free consultation. Take advantage of an unprecedented opportunity. There is no match for the speed with which we can have you up and running. There is no question of the quality and durability of the end result. We promote productivity. Linked Equipment puts innovation to work for you.

Modular Affordable Homes, Extraction Solutions & Grow Pod Solutions

Residential CBD Hemp

Integration with Safety in Mind

Our modules can be stacked, linked, and fully integrated to support the growth of your operations. Each of our professionally engineered cannabis facilities has undergone a third-party engineering review which has been stamped for approval by the legal states for mechanical, structural, fire, and electrical.

Success Stories

In need of a growth or extraction facility? Linked Equipment has you covered!

While the options are nearly endless, Linked Equipment is here to guide you. We encourage you to give us a call at (602) 833-4448. Let’s talk about your plans and concerns and fulfill your needs. We offer efficient prefab options and custom-built solutions according to your goals, concentrating on a sustainable, satisfying, and cost-effective result. With safety as our number one priority, Linked Equipment has emerged as a trusted source for worldwide hemp growers and extractors.

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Get In Touch

When you contact Linked Equipment, you’ll receive a free consultation from our team of experts. We’ll consider your equipment needs and requirements and provide a plan to meet your goals.

Once your plan is finalized, the Linked Equipment service team will deliver your custom unit, complete assembly and installation, and walk you through the mechanics of the unit. We’ll be available for support at any time after delivery.

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Alexi Jackson, Community Services Director, City of Deming, New Mexico

It has been painless and great dealing with you. Three of my projects budgeted this FY will require restrooms. You will here from me once I have received an executed grant agreement and funds for both. Thanks again!


Working with Linked Equipment has been amazing! They are extremely knowledgable about the industry, quick at responding to any of our questions and helped find the perfect solution we needed for our business!


Working with Linked Equipment has been great. They understand the goals we are trying to accomplish and deliver every time. Their quality of work is great and will continue to utilize them in the future. They come highly recommended!

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