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Linked Equipment is your one-stop-shop for growing business expansion needs.
Turnkey Extraction Labs to scale your Cannabis business exponentially.
Fully integrated buildings accelerating your speed-to-market.
Full-service Cannabis Grow Pods delivered directly to you.
Grow your business effectively  - wherever, whenever.

Extraction Labs & Cannabis Extraction Labs

Customization, portability and minimal maintenance - all without breaking the bank.

Extraction Labs & Cannabis Extraction Lab containers are a cost-effective real estate option that provides the flexibility and affordability you need to scale your business. Cannabis-related or not, recycled shipping containers are the modern approach to maximizing your business’ space and capabilities.

We go beyond outfitting custom extraction labs & cannabis extraction Labs out of recycled containers.  Our team is able to design, build and implement fully integrated grow pods and extraction labs out of our container frameworks.

This outfitting also includes constructing units with proper ventilation and safety requirements.  This includes Extraction Laboratories, Hazmat storage, and solar substations.

The U.S. recreational cannabis industry expected to reach $47 billion value over the next decade.  Any individuals or Companies looking to tap into cannabis growing or extraction fields need to move quickly and effectively. 

From securing space to handling permits and maintaining the technical systems. That’s where Linked Equipment comes in, we have the ability to deliver all facilities related to the Cannabis market. 

Our team Linked Equipment is your one-stop shop for building your custom facilities, grow pods and extraction labs from the ground up.  Equipped with automated technology to take your business to the next level.
All of our systems have been professionally engineered and have undergone a 3rd party engineering review which has been accepted by the Washington State Liquor Control Board, and several local fire departments in multiple states including California, Nevada, Colorado, and Oregon.


Extraction Labs
Linked Equipment builds fully equipped cannabis extraction and processing units with interlocked electrical and emergency system.  These include ignition source controls, gas detection systems, and ventilation for both dilution and extraction fan systems.

We have professionally engineered our containers for Co2, Butane, Hexane, Isopropyl Alcohol. As well as mixed solvents. Our extraction pods offer a safe and controlled environment for effective cannabis extraction and processing.
Grow Pods
Our portable, fully automated grow pods allow you to control atmospheric temperature and increase your yields with ease, all through a central control system.

The turnkey containers also eliminate the headache of missing crucial deadlines and going over budget due
to months of construction. Linked Equipment's plug and play containers will allow you to start generating revenue immediately - and at scale.
Facility Building
Engineered customizable, portable facilities out of recycled shipping containers. Quickly and effectively increase your space for your professional needs. The team has built offices, storage units, portable showers, restrooms, and disaster relief buildings.

They contain our durable and water-tight containers. These container-facilities are able to adapt to your ever-evolving business and the fluctuating real estate economy.
Restrooms + Showers
Take a look at some of the projects we have recently completed. They range from very Large projects like Grandview to smaller projects like Washington State 20 ft.
Check back often as we are completing new projects every month.