5 Reasons To Choose a Shipping Container Restroom

Choose a Shipping Container Restroom For Your Next Event

Are you planning an outdoor wedding, or do you have a city event at a local park? Have you figured out the restroom needs for the guests? For a more comfortable and professional feel, choose shipping container restrooms. While people are familiar with standard portable toilets, shipping container facilities are more sanitary. There are at least five reasons to choose these restrooms over other portable bathrooms.

1. Cost

Shipping container restrooms are cost-effective when compared to traditional installations. A shipping container restroom is a perfect addition to expanding businesses or events that require a long-term restroom solution.

2. Business Interruption

When you decide to install a new restroom facility, you typically need to shut down parts of your facility for weeks, if not months. A shipping container bathroom can be delivered and installed within a few days, depending on the level of customization you choose.

3. Speed

Most shipping container facilities are prefabricated, meaning that the building is already complete when you place your order or reservation. Therefore, delivery times are significantly reduced when purchasing or renting a prefab unit.

4. Customizable

What size restroom do you need? How many toilets, sinks or showers? What do you want the interior to look like? How many windows? Unlike other portable toilet options, a shipping container bathroom provides the same level of customization as a more traditional bathroom.

5. Plug and Play Setup

You should not have to worry about extra maintenance and setup when your shipping container restroom arrives. Most facilities are equipped with the electrical and plumbing connections necessary for quick installation upon delivery.

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Whether you are looking for restrooms for an outdoor wedding, a city park or business, you cannot go wrong with shipping container bathrooms. If you would like more information about these restrooms or want to learn about customization possibilities, then do not hesitate to contact a manufacturer.

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Mobile Restroom Solutions, Modular Restroom Solutions & Modular Restroom Construction

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