5 Reasons Why You Need Portable Showers at Your Next Event

Events at campgrounds and for musical festivals means you’ll be hosting a lot of people. To meet safety regulations and for the comfort of your guests, you’ll need shower and bath facilities that are both reliable and convenient. Here are five reasons why converted shipping containers are a necessity for any big event.

1. Portability

A shipping container makes for an ideal temporary unit. Since these metal boxes are designed specifically for convenient transportation, utilizing these as portable plumbing units make them perfect for temporary solutions during big event planning. They can be loaded and unloaded rapidly, and are ready to go as soon as they hit the ground.

2. Convenience

Pre-designed conversion showers and restrooms like those offered by Linked Equipment make life easier for event planners. They already come equipped with everything your guests will need for relief from a busy environment. Many providers can even customize these units to feature exactly what you’re looking for!

3. More Space

When arriving at fairgrounds or campsites, many people cringe at the sight of single-occupant portable toilets. They are generally inconvenient and cramped, making them the most disliked aspect of any event. Modular shipping containers have the advantage of providing a much larger area and can be interconnected for even more room for your guests.

4. Accessibility

No one ever wants to be left out. Choosing a converted shipping container for your showers and restrooms means you’ll have ADA-approved spacious and clean areas that are large enough to be accessible to any differently-abled guests.

5. Your Guests Will Love It

Who doesn’t want to be treated like royalty? Converted shipping containers provide you with the opportunity to offer your guests a more luxurious experience. Your event will stand out because they will see the attention you’ve paid to even the smallest detail. Give your guests an experience to remember with customizable and mobile restrooms, and your event is sure to be a big success!

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Working with Linked Equipment has been great. They understand the goals we are trying to accomplish and deliver every time. Their quality of work is great and will continue to utilize them in the future. They come highly recommended!


Working with Linked Equipment has been amazing! They are extremely knowledgable about the industry, quick at responding to any of our questions and helped find the perfect solution we needed for our business!