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Affordable Shipping Container Solutions

It may be hard to envision a steel shipping container as a warm and lovely home, but making containers cozy is what we do! We start with a super-strong steel containers frame and create a home or home office that will be there indefinitely that is also cozy and comfortable to live in. We use commercial grade everything, so it feels like a home.

Linked Equipment has created several small, medium, and large affordable home solutions for homeowners wishing to add an affordable building on their property. They can pick everything from the paint color, the number of rooms, which rooms, and even the finishes they want. These modules can arrive fully stocked or bare bones to finished by the owner.

We use better materials, and we don’t skip steps when it comes to comfort and safety. It costs a little more to build, but we know someone is going to be living there for a long time, so we build a home that is constructed with superior engineering and materials. For example, we use metal instead of wood, sheet rock and texture instead of panels. When you walk into one of our homes, it is like walking into a regular room that you would see in any apartment or hotel (commercial grade construction). We believe our buildings are built the same, or better than, most of the commercial buildings we visit. This, in contrast to the quality and comfort you experience when walking into a mobile home or some prefab units.

  • If we talk about sub-floors, when compared to plumbing in them, just like at your house there’s no difference. I mean, we build these sub floors and put all the piping in there and insulate before we cover it up.
  • If you look at plumbing, if you look at piping in packs, we like to use packs that are ideal for transporting the containers. It’s not rigid. It’s not as expensive as copper. I think they are nice things that we use in our buildings that other people wouldn’t think of.
  • All the pecs are anchored down to each steel to buy form of building. It’s not going to go anywhere and will be there 30-40 years down the road.
  • Pretty much everything is industrial quality whether it be doors, steel studs, or tracking. We don’t use wood.

  • We reinforced everything. If we have anything that is wall hung whether it be a toilet, TV, a sink; those are always reinforced. We go back they’re usually 2×4 and reinforced the steel studs that are packed there. That creates a lot of strength for whatever’s hanging on the walls.
  • We like to use tankless water heaters obviously; size is great importance with these containers. So, without having a big 50- or 60-gallon water heater there we use these tankless water heaters we hang them on the wall, and they don’t take up any room and you know you’re off to the races.
  • We use 5/8” sheetrock in fire rated buildings.
  • If we get into a moisture area, whether it be a shower or something along those lines, we might use green board instead of sheetrock for mold. On top of that, we put a FRP which is a plastic sheet that goes on the sheet rock, it can be wiped down, it’s just, it’s clean. It’s easy to clean and can be used in hospitals kitchens, restrooms, so it’s something we see a lot in our industrial buildings that takes a lot of extra effort, but is totally worth doing that way because of durability, usability, and a better end product for our customers.
  • In every restroom we build we do it just like you would in any industrial restroom, we use metal or plastic stalls and urinal screens, stuff of that nature. Colors can be chosen by the client. So, the difference is the restroom you’d experience in a motor home compared to the standard restroom you’d experience in a commercial office complex.
  • We use a lot of fiberglass showers, that are easier for us to install, plus they last a very long time. You are not going to get the durability or comfort from other prefab bathrooms. We done a lot of them for mining and military, and we have actually done lockers for gyms.
  • In the showers you might have a row of showers and a row of lockers with a couple of benches included. They are more durable and better made because they expect more traffic and use. Even if parts are a little more expensive this route, it is better for the new owner in the long run.
  • We use industrial quality floors. We have static free floors have been great for the cannabis industry. Industrial rubber floors have been great in kitchens, restrooms, and stuff of that nature.
  • I think almost all of our lights anymore are LED.
  • Our electrical panels are the same as you would use at your home or industrial building.
  • When we get into restrooms and showers, we can our attention we can put all ground-fault circuit interrupters (GFCI) through the building.

If you want a superior home, you have to start with superior materials. Linked Equipment creates turnkey custom homes, backyard offices, cookie-cutter affordable homes, even high-tech laboratories and off-grid homes using steel shipping containers. Working with design specialists, each customer can describe a custom living environment that fits their space and budget.

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