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Many municipalities in the U.S. have adopted the concept to allow ancillary apartments, often called “granny flats,” in single-family districts.

States are not only easing regulations, lowering fees, and grandfathering existing structures to provide housing, but are even offering grants and loans to homeowners to help them do it. Cities and States are running out of homes needed to fuel growth. They ran out of affordable homes for employees to live in them; this makes perfect sense for many municipalities.

Government officials are used to coming up against red tape but, without viable solutions, chances of success are slim. At Linked Equipment, we are proud and excited to offer clients and communities solutions that address cost and space issues simply and sustainably using converted shipping containers.

Many states such as California have run out of space and are looking at backyard dwelling units to alleviate housing issues and affordable housing issues. It is easier for homeowners to build a second unit on their property. Some are even offering financing and other programs to help homeowners add a second dwelling unit.

Due to easing restrictions around backyard homes, there is a massive opportunity for homeowners to add that needed backyard permanent structure.

For the latest updated information by city and state I go here: Accessory Dwellings. They are a great resource. Their description is, “An accessory dwelling unit (ADU) is a smaller, secondary home on the same lot as a primary dwelling. ADUs are independently habitable and provide the basic requirements of shelter, heating, cooking, and sanitation.”

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They go on to say there are two types of ADUs:

“1. Garden cottages are detached structures. Examples include converted garages or new construction. And 2. Accessory suites are attached to or part of the primary dwelling. Examples include converted living space, attached garages, basements, or attics; additions; or a combination thereof.”
Additionally, this is where you will find their handy guide with links to the rules for each city and state for you to look up the rules about ADUs where you live:

We invite you to read more about our affordable homes & modular housing solutions here:

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