Extraction Labs: A Modular Approach to Building, Blog 2 of 5 - Extraction Lab Types

Our specialty is the personalized creation of well-designed ISBUs that you can use for a hemp or canna extraction lab. Each type of extraction lab comes with its own specifications, capabilities, and costs. Understanding the differences between labs and what goes into the various extraction process capabilities is the first step to assessing your needs.

Extraction Lab Types

Ethanol Extraction Labs

Using ethanol in the process of hemp extraction requires a specific set of precautions. Each of our ethanol extraction labs is built to house the best available equipment to create a high-quality product using approved and safe procedures. The interlocking electrical and emergency systems, ignition source controls, gas detection systems, and ventilation for dilution as well as extraction fan systems will give you the perfect environment for proper ethanol extraction.

Hydrocarbon Extraction Labs

Hydrocarbon is one potential method used to extract cannabinoids from the cannabis plant. While a highly effective method, hydrocarbon extraction can be dangerous when not done properly with adequate equipment. Our hydrocarbon labs are designed with state-of-the art tools using the best quality technology. These customizable and portable lab designs have all undergone engineering review to help you ensure that your hydrocarbon extraction lab is safe and up to code.

Hemp Extraction Labs

Linked Equipment hemp extraction labs are economical, safe, and secure. Each ISBU is specially designed to be used right away and comes with all the necessary features for proper hemp extraction. These modules come with man access doors, static-free internal flooring, flame-resistance walls, safety-checked electrical components, custom heating and cooling systems, evacuation van systems, eye wash stations, alarms triggered during emergency situations, security doors, automatic transfer switch, and more.

CBD Extraction Labs

With the growing popularity of cannabis and CBD, expanding to meet market needs can be a challenge. Our turnkey CBD extraction lab solution helps you to meet the growing demand using technologically advanced and environmentally sustainable shipping container modules. Extracting cannabinoids from the cannabis plants requires intricate scientific procedures. Our CBD extraction labs are professionally built and engineered.

Industrial Extraction Labs

Each of our extraction lab set ups are designed to meet all industry standards and requirements. Our portable modules are capable of processing up to 3000lbs of biomass in a 10-hour shift using only a 1500 sq. ft. footprint. You cannot find a more complete and efficient extraction lab available. Our expert team has worked to perfect the way our lab can handle important chemical processes meeting all industry standards and state regulations, making safety the top priority.

Mobile Hemp Extraction Labs

All mobile hemp extraction labs are equipped with Capna Systems ethanol extraction system creating a fully turnkey modular extraction lab. Fitting easily into two modules, the Capna Design Process is specifically created to be efficient and scalable. You can begin extracting the day your module is delivered, safely and securely.

Next week’s blog 3 of 5: Now that you are familiar with several extraction methods we will take a look at pricing for several of the most popular methods.

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