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Whether or not you have heard of extraction labs, Linked Equipment is here to bring you up to date on just what it entails. We will walk you through who, what, how, how much, and why you should get involved in the creation and use of a hemp or cannabis extraction lab through Linked Equipment. Most importantly, we will explain the expertise behind all Linked Equipment labs and why we are your one-stop shop to simplify and streamline the process of extracting hemp as a part of your business.

Extraction Labs & Grow Pod Solutions

Linked Equipment is a reconstructed containers company dedicated to the design, engineering, and manufacturing of Intermodular Steel Building Units (ISBUs). When we began as a company over 10 years ago, we specialized on creating buildings out of used shipping containers. We believe in the reuse of materials and sustainability is at the core of our cause. Shipping containers provide an excellent resource for manufacturing new structures, whether building an office, a storage facility, a bathroom, or more.

Industrial Hemp Extraction, Extraction Lab Construction & Extraction Solutions

Our experience increased and our versatility broadened as our business expanded. Four years ago, we stepped into the world of hemp production and have not looked back since. Designing hemp extraction labs entirely from shipping containers has provided a world of opportunity for us and for our customers. We are now well-versed in the unique needs and problems of creating an extraction lab, and have a team of experts who design, create, and manufacture state-of-the-art hemp extraction labs that are regulation compliant and industry focused.

Custom Modular Solutions with Linked Equipment

The Linked Equipment team works with multiple equipment manufacturers in order to recommend the best equipment based on the product you are trying to extract. With this information, we design the best configuration possible for your required throughput, all built into our final product. We build your extraction lab based on the determined specifications and deliver to you a ready-to-go turnkey solution. Simply tell us what product you are creating, and we will work with our expert engineers to deliver you a complete lab that is ready to use.

Next week’s blog 2 of 5: We will list several extraction methods and discuss each a little bit.

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Industrial Hemp Extraction, Extraction Solutions & Grow Pod Solutions

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