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Shipping Container Laundry Rooms with the Professionals at Linked Equipment

Linked Equipment continues to open up new ways to build efficient and usable spaces. Shipping containers offer a durable, cost-saving and time-saving alternative to traditional construction. We deliver turnkey and customized solutions right to your location. Our shipping containers are easily installed, portable and ideal for setting up a functional, spacious and aesthetically pleasing residential or commercial laundry room.

Shipping Container Laundry Room, Modular Home Laundry Room & Shipping Container Laundry Facility

Whether you need dedicated laundry facilities on a residential property, health facility, worksite or for any purpose, a shipping container provides an ideal solution. At Linked Equipment, we work with you to tailor design and features to your exact requirements and preferences. Electrical, plumbing, drainage, ventilation, heating, cooling, shelving, hanging rails and a wide array of amenities accommodate every application.

Transportable Laundry Facilities from Linked Equipment

High-quality steel shipping containers are resistant to water, wind and pests. They withstand harsh weather, are long-lasting and keep contents safe, secure and entirely protected. Plus, they are modular, stackable and transportable. Linked Equipment equips your laundry room to specifications, providing exactly what you want and need without long delays, stress or mess. Get the best by getting in touch with us online or by phone at 602-314-6020. We resolve challenging demands quickly, successfully and to satisfaction.

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Shipping Container Laundry Room, Shipping Container Laundry Facility & Modular Home Laundry Room

Modular Home Laundry RoomShipping Container Laundry RoomShipping Container Laundry Facility