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Repurposing shipping containers for a multitude of applications, Linked Equipment caters to the cannabis industry with extraction rooms and grow pods. While a traditional build takes anywhere from four to six months, we build everything on-site in as little as four to six weeks. Our Grandview Project challenged us to design a 4,000 square foot, 22-container extraction facility, including freezers, labs, vaults, and everything in-between. The logistics, strict regulations, and codes taught us how to compartmentalize and streamline the process.

Linked Equipment customizes each space according to the grower’s expectations and requirements. We offer a variety of smart system options to facilitate operations and tailor components to the regulation of each particular state and county. There is no middleman. We design, test, and build everything, ensuring quality, accountability, and accuracy. We adjust and adapt to new, emerging technologies and fulfill the most demanding specifications. Through quicker turnaround, we get our clients up and running faster and generating income sooner. Even with all of these benefits, our units tend to cost a third less than a traditional build.

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