Mobile Isolation

Mobile Isolation Solutions for COVID-19 Testing & Patients

Customizing 40- and 45-foot shipping containers, Linked Equipment provides industrial-strength solutions for quarantine requirements. Our mobile isolation facilities offer patients comfort while preventing cross-contamination. Modular options are ideal for COVID-19 testing and patient isolation. We deliver to your rural location across the country and cater to your needs with a quick drop on a pad or left on a trailer, having you stocked and operational within hours.

Modular Mobile Isolation Facilities

Partnering with industry experts, Linked Equipment specializes in convenient, secure, and comfortable mobile isolation facilities to handle an overflow of patients. Our modules are originally designed as shipping containers and we retain durability and mobility while transforming them into modern, customized testing/collection facilities. From versatility and safety to efficiency, these solid steel options allow for swift set up, easy relocation, and long-term sustainability.

COVID-19 Testing & Patient Isolation Solutions

Take advantage of a cost-effect solution right where and when you want it. Separate living quarters include private entrances, ventilation units, beds, restroom storage along with automated plumbing, climate control, and electrical systems. Safety features meet or exceed industry standards. Easy to scale up or down according to evolving requirements, Linked Equipment provides a product line incorporating mobile isolation wards, distribution centers, hazmat storage, mobile offices, storage rooms, living quarters, restrooms, freezers, and more.

Mobile COVID-19 Isolation Facilities & Mobile COVID-19 Isolation

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Mobile COVID-19 Isolation, Modular COVID-19 Isolation Facilities & COVID-19 Testing Solutions

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