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Shipping container office suites are found throughout the world. Outstanding mobility, affordability and versatility make them a popular option for all types of worksites and applications. Container modifications allow for doors, windows, electricity, plumbing, storage, heating, cooling, ventilation and a nearly endless list of options and amenities. Because these containers are sea-transport-ready, they are exceptionally secure and durable.

Modular Office Suites, Shipping Container Office Suite & Shipping Container Office Solutions

Containers modified into office suites by Linked Equipment cater to your preferences and requirements. From functionality and safety to aesthetics, we replicate the comfort of a traditional office setting. We create turnkey solutions without the expense, time or disruption of a new construction build. While the unit is sufficiently spacious, they accommodate areas where square footage is limited and can even be stacked. They are also portable and can be transported for reuse in a new location at any time.

Modular Office Suite Solutions

Shipping containers are wind, moisture, fire and pest resistant. They easily withstand extreme weather conditions. Take advantage of quick completion of a workspace tailored to your unique specifications. Make an investment into your future without draining the budget. Linked Equipment is happy to guide you through the process. We ensure quality, value and satisfaction without a lengthy turnaround.

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Modular Office Suites, Shipping Container Office Suite & Shipping Container Office Solutions

Shipping Container Office SuiteShipping Container Office SolutionsModular Office Suites