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Air BnB Tiny Homes

At Linked Equipment, we excel at recycling shipping containers into modular housing solutions. Our sustainable designs for affordable tiny homes encompass everything from tiny Air BnB pods to entire condo complexes. We can’t wait to help you plan an eco-friendly, sustainable and cozy space. Modern, trendy, and wonderfully versatile, shipping container homes are basically a blank canvas, allowing you to get creative and achieve your goals without a huge investment.

Your Custom Air BnB Trailer

With shipping containers, there are fewer brand-new materials involved, less time required, and yet a nearly endless possibility. Linked Equipment works with you, offering insightful guidance and adhering to your specifications. If you’re looking to create your own unique home or planning an Air BnB rental property, we can deliver a swift, stress-free and successful outcome on a much smaller budget.

High Quality Air Bnb Pods

Get in touch, explore options, and we’ll customize every detail. Weatherproof shipping containers are incredibly durable, energy-efficient, cost-effective, quick to construct, surprisingly spacious, and can be moved. Linked Equipment specializes in a diversity of applications. Our engineers thrive on new challenges. Talk to us about temperature control, electricity, bathrooms, complete kitchens, and just about anything you can imagine. We ship nationwide and turn vision into reality.

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