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Manufactured in a variety of sizes, shipping containers offer a cost-effective, versatile option for event stations. Modular solutions from Linked Equipment meet the safety, mobility, and flexibility requirements for a wide range of applications. They are constructed of non-corrosive steel, waterproof, and weather tight, making them safe from intruders as well as inclement weather. For ticketing offices, stages, dressing rooms, pop-up restaurants, merch sales, and just about anything, we deliver turnkey options.

Use Shipping Container Solutions for Your Next Event

Work and retail stations often require relocation prior to, during, or after the event. Not only are shipping containers wonderfully transportable, but you can save time by leaving all equipment and inventory inside for the move. Plus, our shipping containers can be lined up end-to-end or stacked to create height, length, or any style and size of space you require. Get in touch with Linked Equipment to discuss your specifications and goals. We guide you through the process and ensure swift turnaround and outstanding results.

Event Bathroom Solutions, Ticketing Offices, Pop Up Restaurants & More with Shipping Containers

If you’re looking for a basic, dry, lockable space for your next event, shipping containers are ideal. If your demands are more complex, our modular storefronts can easily be outfitted with lights, outlets, windows, plumbing, heating, cooling, non-slip floors and so much more. Add in bathroom facilities, showers, a kitchen setup, or locker rooms. There is so much that can be done with shipping containers, and Linked Equipment is the right team of experts for the job!

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