Homeless Shelters

Innovative Homeless Shelter Solutions

At Linked Equipment, we create and customize solutions that work for various applications. Shipping container homes provide a quick, cost-effective alternative to traditional construction projects, accommodating locker rooms and in-law suites, as well as innovative homeless shelters. Reach out to us for tailor-made results fully outfitted with your choice of amenities, including HVAC, bathrooms, kitchen, laundry and more.

Shipping Containers Transformed into Shelters for the Homeless

The growing numbers of homeless are staggering and the consequences devastating. Without safe housing, health can deteriorate. The life expectancy of those who are homeless for long periods is far lower than the average. Too often, people experiencing poverty are placed in intolerable environments. They have no opportunity to thrive. Shipping containers from Linked Equipment are secure and comfortable. They are ready in weeks rather than months.

Shipping Container Homeless Shelter, Modular Housing Solutions & Shipping Container Shelter

Shipping containers can be standalone or multiple combined for multilevel shelters. They require less labor, are lower investments and are prefabricated to avoid the hefty costs of construction materials. Durable, weather-proof, and long-lasting, they can be relocated easily and at any time. Linked Equipment handles everything off-site and according to specifications. We guide you through design and features to realize your vision and goals.

Shipping Container Homeless Shelters

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Shipping Container Shelter, Modular Homeless Shelter & Shipping Container Homeless Shelter

Shipping Container Homeless ShelterModular Homeless ShelterModular Housing Solutions