The time and cost involved with planning and building a conventional restroom are considerable and not always feasible. Linked Equipment offers a better option. We provide everything you need, customize the design to your exact specifications, and significantly reduce investment and turnaround. We specialize in shipping container bathrooms. The potential, possibilities, and many advantages are going to surprise you in the very best way.

Mobile Bathroom Solutions

Start by calling us at 602-314-6020. Explain your needs and we’ll work up a free quote for a durable, long-lasting, and easy-to-clean and maintain shipping container bathroom. With availability of a wide variety of shapes, sizes, and configurations, we are happy to assist in the design, and our options suit any application. Mobile, weatherproof and watertight, our modular restroom construction allows expansion, resists wear and tear, and is prepared with the necessary plumbing to connect to external sources.

Mobile Restroom Solutions, Modular Bathroom Construction & Mobile Bathroom Solutions

Choose from male, female and unisex options. Determine partitioning to your preferred layout. We’ll make sure the prefabricated modular restroom is fitted to satisfy ADA Accessibility regulations and with plug-and-play electric and plumbing, your new facility is all set and ready for immediate use. Let us simplify the challenge of a restroom build, streamline completion and significantly trim your expenses. Linked Equipment ships nationwide.

With design and build tailored to your exact specifications, modular restrooms offers all sorts of advantages and options, including:

  • 20’x8’x8’ containers suitable for multiple restrooms, showers, and laundry stations
  • Multiple containers can be utilized to accommodate as many toilets, wash basins, and shower stalls as required
  • Containers plumbed to receive water from an onsite water supply
  • Propane water heater provides hot water
  • Wastewater removal by way of onsite wastewater line of built-in storage tanks and pumps for simplicity of emptying and disposal
  • Restroom configurations include washbasins and individual exhaust fans
  • HVAC options offer year-round temperature control
  • Option interior privacy walls separate restrooms by gender
  • All hygiene components can meet ADA Accessibility requirements
  • Option of lockable storage lockers and dressing area with bench
  • Plug-and-play plumbing and electric streamline startup upon delivery

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Modular Restroom Construction, Mobile Restroom Solutions & Modular Restroom Solutions

Modular Restroom ConstructionMobile Restroom SolutionsModular Bathroom Construction