In-Law Suites

Transform shipping containers into the ideal backyard in-law suite with the help of Linked Equipment. We offer the experience, expertise, and opportunity to suit your exact needs. The steel structure is wonderfully durable, secure, and customizable. They are available in different sizes, can be lined up end-to-end or stacked, and include a nearly endless list of amenities for comfort, convenience, and style.

Build a custom shipping container in-law suite with Linked Equipment

Modular housing solutions are pre-made and ready to be modified. Lighting, windows, doors, plumbing, locks, heating, and cooling are just the beginning. Taylor both the interior and exterior to preference without a lengthy, expensive and stressful building project. Linked Equipment delivers a turnkey in-law suite when and where you need it. Every aspect is ready for plug-and-play. Use your imagination and get exactly the kind of home you’re hoping for.

Backyard modular housing solutions

These steel structures are constructed to withstand every weather extreme. They easily support the weight of multiple containers stacked on top of each other. They protect against the invasion of insects and critters, don’t rot, rust, or burn and require none of the maintenance of wood. You can expect this affordable tiny home to last for decades. Get in touch with Linked Equipment to fully realize the limitless possibilities and exceptional benefits of shipping container homes.

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