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Shipping containers are versatile, secure, and sturdy structures that are continually finding new purposes within both residential and commercial applications. Designed to withstand transport across oceans, non-corrosive steel containers provide a perfect solution for a backyard man cave or she-shed. From doors and windows to electrical, HVAC, and plumbing options, Linked Equipment customizes design to your needs.

Man Caves & She-Sheds made from shipping containers with Linked Equipment

Avid gardeners, hobbyists, outdoor enthusiasts, antique collectors, carpenters, boat owners, car enthusiasts, farmers, and just about anyone who could use a waterproof, weathertight, easily portable, and fully outfitted space will benefit from a shipping container. Unlike a more conventional shed, you don’t need to take on a building project. Solutions from Linked Equipment arrive with no assembly required.

Secure & Durable Backyard Man Caves & She-Sheds

There is no match for the durability of backyard man caves and she-sheds from Linked Equipment. They won’t rust, rot, crack or require the maintenance of wood. You can store heavy tools, machinery, and inventory without worrying about weight or damage. And your storage container shed protects against the invasion of mice, rats, squirrels, raccoons, insects, and other critters. Choose plenty of space in height, width, and length and expand as needed. Add a door opening that accommodates big machinery. Get in touch with Linked Equipment to learn more about available container modifications. Share your vision and let us create a custom build without delay.

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