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Allow Linked Equipment to sufficiently handle your storage shed needs using intermodular steel building units (ISBUs), also known as shipping containers. Our containers are sturdy and dependable, perfect for using as a storage shed on your residential or commercial property. With 12 of experience, we are well versed in working with customers to provide legitimate modular solutions for a variety of needs.

Shipping Container Storage ShedsCustom Storage Shed SolutionsModular Storage Shed

The team at Linked Equipment are experts when it comes to your shipping container needs. Offering shipping across the country with quick turnaround times, our engineers will work diligently to get your new storage shed sent to you in a timely manner. Our shipping containers are a great, affordable storage shed alternative. Give us a call today at 602-314-6020 to learn more about our amazing brand of products.

Customizable Storage Shed Solutions from. Shipping Containers

Work with Linked Equipment to make your storage shed dreams come true. Will your storage shed need electricity, HVAC or plumbing included within it? Using high quality materials and the ability to fully customize your container, you’ll be pleased with the end result of a fully secure, operational storage shed made from our top grade, scalable shipping container. Protect your valuables. Choose Linked Equipment to get the job done right the first time.

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Custom Storage Shed Solutions, Modular Storage Shed & Shipping Container Storage Sheds

Modular Storage ShedCustom Storage Shed SolutionsShipping Container Storage Sheds