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If you’re interested in the potential and possibilities of shipping containers as storage solutions, reach out to Linked Equipment at 602-314-6020. We work with clients on all kinds of projects, for all types of applications across the country. With the ability to customize size and features to your specification, we cater to specific needs, resolve any challenge and deliver a result that turns your highest expectations into reality.

Versatility, affordability, durability and longevity are just some of the many benefits of choosing modular storage facilities. Solutions are available in numerous shapes and sizes and are windproof, watertight and withstand the most severe weather conditions for long-term protection. Whatever your priorities, let us know and we’ll make it happen. Heating, cooling, ventilation, lights, electricity, roll-up doors, windows, shelving, cargo doors, we at Linked Equipment check every item on your list.

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You imagine it and Linked Equipment builds it. We work with you throughout the process, from blueprint to completion, applying our knowledge, guidance and experience to every job. Our storage solutions are found from coast to coast and safeguard your valuables from theft, vandalism, pests, fading, corrosion and so much more. We can even accommodate your favorite color! With updates at each stage from start-to -finish, Linked Equipment provides swift solutions for all storage needs.

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Storage Container Solutions, Modular Storage Facilities & Storage Solutions

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