For your next event, consider the convenience, affordability, and versatility of shipping container solutions from Linked Equipment. Let us help you save time, money, and frustration by providing a single source for a wide range of portable options. All projects are customizable, completed quickly, and we ship nationwide. Get in touch with us at 602-314-6020. Give us your specifications and we’ll help you modify the design to perfectly accommodate the most complex demands.

Shipping Container Bathrooms, Showers & Kitchens For Your Next Event

No matter the event or specialized requirements, Linked Equipment has you covered. Political conventions, live music concerts, sports tournaments, sales extravaganzas, and reunions are just a sample. We provide locker rooms, sales offices, kitchen set-ups, bathrooms, kiosks, first aid stations, and more. Our durable shipping containers can easily be outfitted with the necessary plumbing for restrooms and showers as well as the equipment for an efficient on-site kitchen.

Modular Kitchens, Modular Shower Solutions & Shipping Container Showers

There’s nothing generic about our shipping container possibilities. Choose from multiple shapes and sizes and tailor the design to suit your specific goals. We cater to male, female and unisex options with plumbing all set to connect to an external plumbing source and fitted to fulfill ADA accessibility regulations. Our modular facilities are wonderfully mobile, weatherproof, watertight, and easy to clean. With expedient turnaround and turnkey results, Linked Equipment helps make your event a success.

Modular Solutions with Linked Equipment

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Shipping Container Showers, Modular Shower Solutions & Shipping Container Kitchens

Shipping Container BathroomsShipping Container KitchensPortable Shower Solutions