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COVID-19 Mobile Testing Facilities

Linked Equipment creates secure mobile testing facilities. Our 20-foot, industrial-strength modular structures offer outstanding safety, comfort, and versatility. While they start out as shipping containers, we repurpose them into effective, economical, and modern collection stations. Accommodating any rural location, these units are able to be dropped on a pad or left on a trailer. Within a matter of hours, you’re completely operational.

Modular Mobile Testing Facilities for COVID-19

Linked Equipment is well-known for quality options and swift turnaround. Our modules are recognized for outstanding durability. Rely on the solid steel mobile facility for decades of operation or quickly and easily relocate. Specs include medical-grade refrigeration for samples, medical-grade freezer for samples unable to be sent out the same day, and isolated space for testing and treatment. Automated climate control, ventilation, electrical, and plumbing systems as well as safety measures meet or exceed industry standards.

Modular, Efficient COVID-19 Testing Facilities

Responding to growing concerns throughout the country, Linked Equipment has partnered with industry specialists to fulfill the need for mobile testing/collection facilities. Our proven solutions offer healthcare and emergency response organizations a trusted, protected, reliable space to test for the Coronavirus, collect, and store samples. Following the protocols of the Interim Guidelines for Collecting, Handling and Testing Clinical Specimens from Persons for Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19), Linked Equipment prioritizes the design and construction of integrated mobile testing/sample collection facilities.

Mobile COVID-19 Testing Services & COVID-19 Testing Solutions

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Mobile COVID-19 Testing, Mobile COVID-19 Isolation & COVID-19 Testing Solutions

Mobile COVID-19 Testing ServicesMobile COVID-19 Testing Solutions