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Shipping containers offer a sturdy, durable and innovative alternative to greenhouses or climate-controlled tents for interior farming. Container farms feature a modular and customizable design that allows freedom of location while conserving space. They are ideal in rural and urban settings and as a primary or accessory to an existing operation. Used for farms, restaurants, job training, educational opportunity community engagement and more, shipping containers accommodate a wide variety of needs.

Shipping Container Farming, Modular Farming & Modular Farming Solutions

Modular farming utilizes soilless farming methods, such as hydroponics, which accelerates growth while reading water consumption. A variety of crops can be grown on the same farm and produced locally for superior freshness. Light, temperature, ventilation and humidity are easily controlled. Modular farms create the perfect growing conditions, even when the elements deliver snow, rain, blistering heat, brutal cold or high winds. Plants are protected and you have precision control.

Shipping Container Farming Made Simple with Linked Equipment

Each container provides an independent ecosystem, allowing the cultivation of crops that might not be otherwise viable in your area. Plus, shipping containers from Linked Equipment are stackable, increasing production on a smaller pot of land. Find out more about the benefits and opportunities of modular farming by getting in touch with us online or by calling 602-314-6020. We guide you through the design process, tailor features to suit and deliver turnkey solutions to your location.

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Modular Farming, Shipping Container Farming & Modular Farming Solutions

Shipping Container FarmingModular FarmingModular Farming Solutions